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Our commitment to the protection of intellectual property. We advise, represent and support our clients in intellectual property matters, regardless of whether they are international corporations, high-performing medium-sized companies or ingenious inventors. We value ideas and ensure success. In all the services we offer you, you as our client are at the center. Our services are tailored specifically to your needs. With our focus on first-class support, we always strive to offer you optimal solutions.

Our Range of service includes in particular

Patent infringement and nullity proceedings
We support and represent our clients in patent infringement proceedings and nullity proceedings before the Federal Patent Court and other competent courts up to the Federal Supreme Court. We are just as happy to assist and advise international corporations as medium-sized companies or great inventors, always keeping an eye on the costs.

Opposition proceedings
We conduct opposition proceedings for our clients before the German and European Patent Offices. In doing so, our professional searchers often play an important role by constantly checking the state of the art for us.

Patent applications
We draft patent applications according to the inventors’ specifications and file them with patent offices in Europe, the USA and China on your behalf. The protection of our clients’ inventions is always our focus. Our many years of experience help us to distinguish the subject matter of the patent claims from the prior art in such a way that our clients receive the best possible protection for their inventions. In addition, we correspond with patent offices and respond to examination notices until their patent is granted.

Trademark applications
Our trademark attorneys have many years of extensive experience in trademark law. We look after trademark portfolios ranging from international clients to small businesses. In doing so, we advise our clients on the right mix of German trademarks, European Community trademarks and international trademarks.

Design law
A good design is a sales argument that plays an increasing role in consumer markets, especially in combination with a registered trademark. Differentiation from the competition is often a key to success. We protect designs and represent our clients in Community design registrations (European designs) as well as in infringement proceedings in Germany and Europe.

Domain name law
We advise and assist our clients on domain name law. A special role is played by measures and procedures, such as Uniform Domain Name Arbitration Rules (UDRP) arbitration proceedings against domains registered by third parties. In such cases, it is possible to obtain the transfer or cancellation of third-party-registered domains in domain arbitration proceedings at WIPO under the UDRP.

License agreements
The protection of intellectual property is of great importance to many of our clients. This involves both protection against competition per se and strategic partnerships, e.g. through licensing agreements, franchising models or authorized dealer agreements. We have many years of experience in negotiating, drafting and reviewing such agreements for our clients.

Employee Invention Law
For inventions within the meaning of the Employee Inventions Act, employees shall receive remuneration in accordance with the provisions of the Employee Inventions Act. The calculation of this remuneration is regulated in the official guidelines for the remuneration of employee inventions. We advise employers and employees in connection with the Employee Inventions Act and the Guidelines for the Remuneration of Employee Inventions. This often involves the calculation of inventor compensation for individual cases. Freelancers are not covered by the Employee Invention Act. We recommend that freelancers conclude an inventor contract.

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